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Nano Ganesh – GSM

Nano Ganesh – GSM is the M2M application by which a distant water pump can be controlled and monitored by a mobile phone. It is a GSM modem (electronics hardware) to be connected to the existing starter mechanism of the water pump and needs mobile connectivity for its operation. Being made very simple to install and operate, any illiterate person can use Nano Ganesh device irrespective of age, gender, education and language. A user (farmer) has to just procure a valid SIM card with adequate package of SMS and calls for GSM unit to be installed near the water pump.


1. Functions of Nano Ganesh GSM
2. Why Nano Ganesh – GSM is needed?
3. Nano Ganesh – GSM Accessories
4. Working
5. Technical Specification

1. Functions of Nano Ganesh - GSM:
With the help of a mobile phone:
1) A farmer can switch on-off the water pump from any place.
2) He can check the availability of the power at the water pump end.
3) He can understand the on-off status of the water pump.(Pump ON, Pump Off)
4) He can be alerted by a call or SMS if anybody opens the starter panel doors.(Panel Opened)
5) He can be alerted about power supply status. (Power ON, Power OFF, Power Faulty)
6) Few models are keeping the data analytics of the water pump usage, viz. daily, weekly or

Manual Operation:
A water pump can be manually started in case emergency need or failure of mobile connectivity.

2. Why Nano Ganesh – GSM is needed?
There are so many imposed challenges for the farmers in operating the water pumps, like,
1) Distant locations of the water pumps in hazardous areas near river, wells, ponds, lakes etc.
2) Difficult terrains through dense plantation or cultivation.
3) Fear of animals on the way to water pumps.
4) Erratic power due to heavy density of electricity distribution in the irrigation zones.
5) Night operation schedules due to availability of the power during night hours.
6) Shock hazards due to wet area and electricity leakages near the water pump.
7) Every season is the challenge for accessing the water pump - Rains, scorching heat, winter.
8) There is a need of an operator along with a motor bike, expenses on labor and fuel etc.

Due to these challenges, there is tendency to avoid the trips to the pumps by keeping them in continuous ON mode by direct methods like Auto Switches, Automatic Starters and sometimes by “bypassing” the overload relays of the starter. Hence, the water pumps are not switched off post needs.

Though they understand that this is harmful to their water pumps, the emergency need of water makes them taking the risk of direct running of water pump and then due to challenges they are not switched off post needs.

To get rid of irritating trips to the pumps, farmers need a simple solution to access and operate the water pumps from the remote locations.

Nano Ganesh has been developed with this view in mind to enable the farmers to remotely access the water pumps by simple, low cost and convenient method.

Nano Ganesh is a pioneer technology having the background of 24 years of dedication in rural irrigation automation sector. Its first basic version without a mobile phone (Radio Controlled) was introduced first time in the Indian agriculture sector in 1998 and then the series of remote controllers was introduced based on the different features and costing.

3. Nano Ganesh – GSM accessories set-up in the starter panel: ( In addition to existing switchgear)
Installation Components:
Nano Ganesh GSM Modem:

This modem is installed in the starter panel which are normally made of galvanized or M.S. sheets. These panels are placed outdoor in the farms or near the water pumps. There is a simple hinged door for the panel secured with lock and key arrangement.
There is a need of an external antenna for the GSM unit.
The power supply to the GSM unit has been supported with additional battery back-up.
Magnetic Door Sensor:
A panel door sensor is installed in the starter panel to sense the door opening movements, so that
whenever a panel door is opened, an alert SMS or call is sent to the farmer’s mobile phone.

4. Working:
The Nano Ganesh – GSM
Basically, it is GSM wireless controller which receives controlling commands from the user’s mobile phone and sending SMS alerts to the stored mobile numbers.It comprises of state-of-the-art life tested technology for providing a feedback of power or load on-off status with the help of simple audio tones, hence making the system linguistic free.

Nano Ganesh – GSM unit comprises of following main blocks:

1. GSM Modem – This is the heart of Nano Ganesh – GSM system. It comprises of a SIM card holder and a duplex wireless system capable of communicating with the existing mobile network.

2. SMPS Power Supply with battery back-up
As described earlier about rural electricity scenario, power requirement conditions for sensitive electronics goods are quite stringent. The care has been taken that the system works satisfactorily in extreme low, high and imbalance voltage conditions. An external battery with charger is also provided.

3. Microcontroller and allied circuitry
Many old hardware logics built with diodes, transistors etc. are intelligently replaced by the simple software simulations. The system has been built such that physically only GSM module and microcontroller is visible in addition to output stage with all other different hardware components simulated.

4. DTMF decoder
This has been used for decoding the DTMF signals send from the mobile phone.

5. Tone Generator
Tone generator is an astable mode clock wave generator effectively used to deliver different tones using a single IC and multi switching logics.

6. Output sensing stage
It is important for the farmer to understand whether the pump is really ON or OFF after sending the ON command. Nano Ganesh – GSM actually senses the output voltage of the starter and converts the signal into the digital level with the help of voltage converters. Hence, farmer gets the MOTOR ON SMS or call only after the pump has been physically started and picked up.

7. Magnetic sensor and processing stage:
It is a special pair of magnetic sensor circuitry to sense the opening of the panel door. This component allows farmer to get an alert call when anybody opens the door.

8. Antenna for GSM modem:
As the whole system is installed inside the metal box, there is a strong need to boost the GSM signals with adequate matching antenna. To provide strong signals irrespective of low GSM signals in the rural area, a 50 ohm matching antenna and circuitry is incorporated in the antenna stage.

Connections to existing starter panel devices:
The connections of GSM unit in the starter panel are very simple. One supply wire goes to the starter input; one goes to starter output for sensing the LOAD ON status and other control connection goes to starter NO VOLT coil or Auto Switch. A neutral or earth wire must be connected to GSM unit for generating 1 Phase, 230 Volts power supply.
Note:The detailed connection diagram has been provided along with the product.

A flow for switching on operation is as follows:
1. When a farmer wants to start the pump, he first checks the availability of the power at the pump end by calling the mobile number at the pump end.

2. If power is there, a simple audio tone is heard on his mobile phone and if not, no tone is heard.

3. After confirming the power supply status, he presses START CODE digits on his mobile phone which sends DTMF tones to the GSM units.

4. GSM unit decodes the DTMF tones and switches on the electromechanical relay inside the unit.

5. A MOTOR ON relay triggers the Auto Switch to start the water pump. Auto Switch ensures healthy starting of the water pump against electrical faults.

6. As soon as the pump is started, a feedback is sensed by MOTOR ON terminal of GSM unit and a farmer hears a vibrating tone of MOTOR ON and then he hangs off. This task is completed in few seconds.

A flow for switching off operation is similar to above procedure (different code number for OFF).After irrigation is finished, farmer does the same operation for switching off the pump. He calls, checks the PUMP ON and then presses a STOP CODE on his mobile phone. A relay inside the GSM unit is switched off and hence the starter. As soon as the pump is made off, a tone is heard by the farmer confirming that the power is there but motor is switched off.

SMS Alert / Control functions:
1. In case of any sudden failure in the power while a pump is running, Auto Switch immediately stops the water pump and an alert call or SMS is sent to the farmer’s mobile phone.

2. As soon as adequate power is resumed at the pump end, an alert call or SMS is again sent to the farmer’s mobile phone.

3. In case of anybody opens the door of the panel, an alert call or SMS is sent.

4. In addition to active call, a farmer can also control his water pump with the help of SMS by sending “ON” or “OFF” SMS.

5. He can also understand the status of the load and power by sending the SMS, “Status”.

Hence, due to multiple functions of m-connectivity with the water pump, a farmer can monitor the pump
operations 24x7 from any distance without physically going at the pump area.

5. Technical Specifications:
1. Operating Mains Voltage: 230/415 V, 50 Hz AC
2. Additional D.C. Voltage source: 6 V, 4.5 AH battery which will be charged from the unit itself.
3. GSM operating frequency: 900/1800 MHz
4. GSM operating Power: 1 to 2 Watts at the time of radiations
5. Standby current consumption: 15 mA
6. Current Consumption at the time of SMS or CALL: 2 Amp peak
7. Output Control: An active Auto control phase of 230/415 V, when PUMP ON relay is energized.
8. Output Control contacts: 5 Amp capacity at 230/415 V.
9. Input Sensing: Any output phase of the starter 230/415 V
10. Input for Starter Panel Door: From magnetic reed switch provided in the kit.
11. Functions available: Remote Control by active call or SMS, SMS alert for various power and pump ON/OFF conditions, SMS alert for panel door opened.
12. Storing of Mobile Number: Two mobile numbers can be stored on which alert SMS will come. Farmer’s own mobile phone can send the commands of storing the mobile numbers.
13. Indicators: Mains ON, Pump ON, Module Status
14. Size: 155 mm (H) x 110 mm (W) x 70 mm (D), Weight: 700 grams (With Packing Box)