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Ossian Agro Automation
Nano Ganesh Mobile Modem : Site Stories

Case no.1:

Sonawane Water Supply, A farmer as well as a water supplier,
A.P.Kuruli, Tal: Haveli, Dist:Pune

Water pump pipe line:
3 km
Mr.Sonawane came to our office five years back wanting a mobile remote control for his water pump very urgently, whatsoever may be the cost. Our engineers asked curiously the reason of his urgency. We were shocked to listen a story of  loosing his brother in an accident on a highway,while going to switch on his water pump. In fact, his brother was insisting him to buy our remote since so many days, yet senior Sonawane did not take it seriously and now came to office to install one in his brother’s memory as well as an ease of the irrigation operations.

Site Requirements
: The source of the water is a well situated near a river. The pipe line is installed along the highway and the water is collected in the water tank. But, when the water tank was full, a person had to go to the source pump by a motor cycle or Jeep during the day or night period. It was very difficult during the rainy season near the river because of mud and fear of shocks. Many times huge water was wasted because of negligence in timely switching off the pumps. A person was dedicated for this work equipped with a motor cycle.

After Remote Control Installation (2004):
After installing the above system, Mr.Sonawane stopped all his trips to the source water pump. He could switch on/off his pump any time with the confirmation of on/off status of the pump. He saved enormous amount of water and electricity. He could also save a cost on fuel and a person nominated for this work.
Mr.Sonawane says to Airtel officer on visit,”This is a boon to the farmers and now, I can not do my farming without a remote control for my irrigation. Another reason is an ease of the installation of the system and we do not have to depend on company’s technician”.


Case no.2:

Malwadi Grampoanchayat, Tal: Mawal, Dist: Pune

Water Pump for drinking water: Pipe line of 4 kms

Site Requirements
: A grampanchayat water is pumped from a well to the overhead tank of  the village. The approach road to the water pump is through the forest and hilly area and there is a fear of wild animals in the Mawal region. Hence, the operators are scared to go to the water pump starters during the night period. But, many times an electrical power supply is available during the night period only.  So, an operator is carrying with him another person during a whole trip. The need of the overhead  tank is such that it must be filled full before 5 A.M. so that the pressure of the water in the distribution pipe lines is adequate. In this case, two persons are away from their family during the night period. What about their family and security? What to do during winter and rainy seasons?

After Nano Ganesh installation (First Version 2003, Second version 2009):
Mr.Chavan, a reputed electrical contractor from Talegaon region installed our system with a telephonic support from our company. Now, a major advantage to the grampanchayat is that the same irrigation operator is controlling the water pump from his house during the night period too. He is enjoying his families at his home. He is fresh enough for the water distribution work in the morning period all over the village.
Another very crucial benefit is that they have saved overflowing of water instantaneously. As soon as an overhead tank is full, an operator switches off the pump by his mobile phone almost instantaneously. If that person goes for holidays or other village, he controls the pumps from that places too, because a mobile based remote control has unlimited range.
Mr.Chavan, who has installed this system, says,”All the grampanchayats must install this system, as the drinking water is a precious asset which should be used very much sensitively”.


Case no. 3 :

Ravindra Bhosale, A progressive farmer
A.P.Tal: Lasalgaon, Dist: Nasik

Water Pump Location: 6 kms away from the farm

Site Requirements
: All modern equipments are installed for the agriccculture. He has installed a set of drip and sprinklers irrigation for the micro irrigation purpose. There are so many valves for the distribution of water all over the field. When irrigation to a particular plot is finished and a sprinkler set is to be switched over to other plot, a water pump has to be made off for 10 to 15 minutes. Mr.Bhosale used to dedicate one person along with a mobile phone at the starter panel. Whenever a working man on the field wants to switch on/off the pump he used to call that remote person to control a pump. Many times, because of an irregular power supply schedules, there was a difficulty in co-ordination.

After Nano Ganesh Installation ( One unit in 2005, second unit in 2009 ):
A farmer on the field himself controls the micro irrigation with ease ffrom 6 kms. A person dedicated for the irrigation was wasting his valuable time in unwanted things has been deployed for the creative work. They have saved much on the fuel cost and gained a wonderful facility of any time control over the pumps.


Case no. 4:

Mr.Subhash Gargade, A farmer who is ambitious but handicapped in right leg and using an artifical right limb.
A.P.Tal: Ashti, Dist: Beed

Water Pump: 1 km away from the field

Story of the farmer:
A dynamic farmer who lost his right leg in an accident was active enough to control his farm before, where his water pump was about a km away from his field. But, after an accident and loosing his power of leg, he was unable to carry over his farming irrigation and always had to depend on somebody else for controlling the water pumps. He had to go to the hospitals for his leg therapy. His son was studying in the nearby town and felt bad about his father’s condition. He went to the village to support his father but was in double mind about his worry of career as well as father.

After Nano Ganesh Installation ( 2009):
A son could control the pump from the town place too. His father could also control the pump from any place in the farm or house. He could also monitor the pump from the hospital too. In this case, the problem was totally different from the routine cases of irrigation, but Nano Ganesh could solve the matter taking care of emotional affairs of the family.


Case no. 5:

Mr.Prakash Bapusaheb Patil, A progressive farmer with banana cultivation
A.P.Faijpur, Tal: Rawer, Dist: Jalgaon

Water Pump: A starter panel installed in the farm near a river, hence surrounded by water around 300 ft area when river water was released from the upstream dam.

Site Condition and requirement
: Mr.Patil, a clevermost farmer of the area faced the problem of flooding his  farm for 4 to 5 days in every fifteen days.
In spite of having ample water and electricity, he could not reach to the starter panel, as it was totally surrounded by a water of around 4 ft column. So, he used to run the pumps continuously with the help of Auto switches. Hence, whenever there was a power supply available, the pumps was on. But, this led to huge wastage of water and electricity. Then, he used a small boat for the purpose. Sometimes his worker used to swim to that point and operate the starters. This is an amazing case happening because of the flooding in the back water zones all over India in the dam areas.

After installation of Nano Ganesh ( 2004 ):
…… Mr.Prakash Patil is the happiest man on the earth with ample water and electricity and exciting control over the pumps.